Flavor of the moment

I want to put a section in my blog where I can showcase all the different things and whatnots that I am currently loving. Thus, naming it “flavor of the moment” :p

Here’s my first batch of flavors:

1. Ombre Denims

I like this take on the classic denims. It certainly adds a punch of color in any outfit.


Credits: RunwayDreamzTatiBubbles

Where to buy: Thread Manila (my sister ordered 2 denim cutoffs from them and they’re really great), TopshopTatiBubbles

can’t find the right one? DIY it!: honestly…wtf & randomfries

2. Dip-dyed hair

I have a promise to myself that I should try having a crazy hairstyle before I get to have kids of my own, and I am actually considering to try this trend. Now, I just need the courage to actually do it!  :p


Credits: Vogue Australia

Where to have it done: Azta Urban Salon

Wanna try do it yourself? DIY it!: That’s So Yesterday

3. Spiked Loafers

My closet normally consists of basic and non-descript clothes. (Although I am currently upgrading it to involve a lot of prints!) That’s why I love how these studded loafers instantly amp up an outfit.


Credits: JuliePhotoDiary

Where to buy in Manila: Jeffrey Campbell in SM Forum, Topshop, Vishoes

Can’t find the right one? DIY it!: Chictopia

4. Arm Party

I have always loved leather bracelets. I have a bunch of which I have collected from all kinds of stores in different places. I currently have a thing in layering them all together and mingling it with different textures to create a fun mix.


Highlight it with a gold watch and you’re good to go! :)


Credits: BergdorfPrincessFancyThings, SoutherCharm, JewelSnob

5. Minimalist Totes

They’re timeless and functional. They go well with almost anything, and they can fit my whole house without a care in the world. Hahaha :)


Credits: Celine

6. Dark Chocolate Strawberry Cookies

I saw a tweet from a friend about dark chocolate strawberry cookies and it instantly sparked my curiosity. I asked about it immediately and ordered a bunch of these cookies online. Now I’m hooked! After a few days, I ordered another batch! (watch out for my separate post regarding this)


Credits: Sweetleaf


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