the one with chalky

I have been eyeing a pair of Dr.Martens ever since they released their SS2012 Chalky collection. The collection is available in 5 “chalky” colors as the name implies and has a matte finish to it. It’s made of Cartegena leather which is very soft and light. Therefore, the shoes won’t need much breaking-in.

Here are all the colors included in the collection:

(from left to right):  sun yellow, blackcurrant, blueberry, off white, and raspberry

When I saw these… I told myself that I need to get my hands on one! However, the Dr.Marten’s flagship store doesn’t carry it here in Manila and honestly, I don’t trust the Philippine post-office to have it shipped from overseas. I even visited the Dr.Marten’s shop in Singapore last June only to find out they don’t have it in stock. Until I found out the international Dr. Marten’s site was on sale! I looked up the shoes I wanted to buy and it went down from £100 to £70! Standard Ground shipping is even free! But here’s the the tricky part… How will I have it shipped to Manila?!

Good thing there’s Johnny Air! I submitted an order last July 3, and my order arrived at Johnny Air’s NY office on July 11. They had it shipped on July 13 and it arrived their Megamall branch on July 18! I happily picked up my package and got this!

My Pascal Boots in Blackcurrant! The color looks like a mixture of pink and purple, kinda like light magenta. :) I love how it gives a boost of color to an outfit without being too bold or too loud. :)

I think some of the styles are still on sale in the Dr. Marten’s site. If you want to get yours and ship via Johnny Air, here are their terms.

You can also email them at or

credits: Dr. Martens & JohnnyAir


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