The One with the Killer Shoes

I know I haven’t blogged for quite a while.. I’ve recently came back from a long vacation and had to catch up with a lot of work after that. But the important part is I’m back! Hopefully, I could still keep this up =D

Anyway, this is a very very very overdue post of mine.. =p

Remember the spiked loafers I’ve been wanting here? I was able to get something similar and I have been loving it ever since. =)

I’ve been trying to find a pair that I can afford since the Steve Madden ones are out of my league. I don’t usually invest on trendy shoes since I won’t be able to use them much when they’re out of season =p

Here they are!

I was able to find one in an Online store named Quiet Riot! It’s a Singapore based brand, so I had to ship it to a friend’s address to get it here. Although they do cater International shipping, I was hesitant to do that knowing how things usually get lost in the Philippine Post Office =p

However, since it took me a while to post this, you can now have a similar pair from Tonic Shoes which they have available online here =) They ship nationwide and their items are available in The Ramp. They even have it in other colors! (Gold, Black, and Silver)



Quiet Riot

Tonic Bags and Shoes


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