I love online shopping! :p I find it so convenient once you master how to know if an item fits you or not. It’s also a place to get unique finds that you won’t normally see in stores. Whatever you need, I’m pretty sure you can find it in an online store… you just have to know how to look!

I usually buy clothes, shoes, and accessories online. I never tried buying food, gadgets or anything else… Until one day! :p I saw a tweet from someone I worked with in one of my styling stints. She tweeted a photo of a cookie that was big enough to cover the palms of her hand. It had big chunks of chocolate and sprinkles of Meiji Apollo Strawberry Chocolates (yes you read that right! :p).

Knowing how much she loved sweets and how picky she is with her desserts, I was pretty much convinced and made my first online food purchase! And boy… I’m glad I did! :D

What makes these cookies different? To start with, they are soft batch cookies. If you are familiar with the Keebler soft batch cookies you can buy in groceries, these cookies are similar to those… only chunkier! These type of cookies have a different texture. They don’t have the usual sticky chewy composition, but have this smooth cushioned feel instead. They also have unconventional flavors which you can try. There’s Triple Chocolate Mint, Wasabi White Choco Chunk, Dark Chocolate Strawberry, and White / Black Chip Matcha. For the less adventurous ones, there’s Peanut Butter Oatmeal and Chocochip variants.

Here are the flavors I was able to try starting from my least favorite:

Wasabi White Chocolate Chunk

I am normally adventurous with food, and I do enjoy weird flavors. But this variant just didn’t seem to hit me on the spot. You get to taste the sweetness of the cookie at first bite… but then the wasabi will kick in and ruin the experience hahaha.

Triple Chocolate Mint

I don’t normally like choco-mint combinations because it feels like I am brushing my teeth after eating a big chunk of chocolate. But the proportions of chocolate and mint in this flavor is just right. I guess it helps that they used pieces of Andes Chocolate Mints to make the taste more enjoyable. :)

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is like the Vanilla ice cream of cookies. :p So, if you are the type who likes simple and understated flavors, this cookie would charm you. Because the simplicity of its flavor channels you out to focus on the goodness of its texture. :)

Black Chip / White Chip Matcha

I personally prefer the white chip variant because it complements the hints of matcha in it. At first bite, I thought it tasted normal. But, as you go along and eat more, you’ll love how the combination tastes like you spilled some of your favorite milk tea on your cookie :p The matcha is very subtle but addicting at the same time.

Dark Chocolate Strawberry

Chocolate and Strawberry has not always been my favorite mix. But in this variant, the mix seemed to bring out the best of each ingredient. I find it really clever for them to use the Apollo chocolates as highlight. It’s something different and amazingly good. :)

If you want to get a hold of these Sweetleaf Soft batch Cookies, you can order them by texting Celina in this number 09065096905 or Like their page here.



Flickriver / Honeytea


My sister came home last Saturday with a small brown paperbag in tow. I was already asleep when she got home that’s why I was only able to check what she brought home for me the next day.

I opened the brown paperbag that was seemingly plain at first sight, and saw these…

I asked her what it was and told me that these are whoopee pies. They looked like two cookies slabbed together with a cream filling inside. My sweet tooth started to tingle so I hurriedly opened the red velvet flavored one and made a huge bite. It was good. The texture of the cookies was soft and moist; and the amount of filling was just right. But, it could have turned the cream cheese flavor a notch higher. The filling was so subtle it almost tasted like normal cream. If my sister bought this flavor alone, I wouldn’t think about buying again.

Luckily, she bought another one… which is Wintermelon flavored. This was better. Way better! It had the same consistent texture with the cookies, and the same amount of filling. But this time you can really taste the actual flavor. It wasn’t too sweet and the tea constituent wasn’t overpowering. I wanted more! To the point that I am planning to visit this “cookie lab” of theirs to get me a batch :p

If you’re interested to get your own you can visit their site:

Or you can drop by Eastwood mall’s gourmet market every weekend :)

Credits: MyCookieLab

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