I know this aint a techy blog. But I just can’t resist posting about my new gadget. Hahaha I just acquired the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 about a month ago and I can’t tell you enough how it made my life easier. Hahaha ;) in fact, I am writing this post with it and have used it to write the “The One with Daisy” post as well :))

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

What do I love about it?

1. The bigger the better
One main thing that I love about it is the size. Most people have problems with its 5.5 inch screen but I say, what’s the use of having crystal clear resolution when you just view it in such a small screen?

2. Power lover
It has a good battery life that can last me for 24hrs. Given how big it is, you’d think it will easily drain off. Also, it’s powerful enough to handle most, if not all programs that I would need on the go. I can easily browse pictures for inspiration that can be used during photoshoots. It’s also a big help when I have to go to places where I am not familiar with since maps can easily be navigated on its big screen. And of course, it keeps me connected; since we’re already living in a time where txt messaging is considered old school. It basically does everything a smartphone does and probably even more because it allows you to multi-task (watch it in the video) :) Ok, I sound like someone working for Samsung aint I? Hahaha

3. The pen is mightier than the sword
The unique thing about this phone is the s-pen. If you are the type who like things written down than typed, then you’ll love this feature. I use it mainly on pictures because it can instantly crop pictures anyway you like (watch it in the video). It also allows me to easily add notes on photos that I keep for my online journals and for my travels. I love that it allows me to add a personal touch to things given how technology has made communication very impersonal. :) Seriously, Samsung should start paying me for this post. Hahaha

4. Cute aint moot
Knowing that Samsung is a Korean brand, you would know that it is destined for cuteness. Hahaha :) This may sound irrelevant, but for a girl… It’s a plus that we can have cute cases and themes available for our gadgets. Android phones can have live wallpapers and almost anything can easily be personalized.

Ok I should probably stop here. I can give you a million more reasons why this phone is a must. But, I’ll leave it up to you to find out. ;)

Inspiration is everywhere… Be Creative! :)


Samsung Mobile


I know… This scent has been around for probably five years already.  But,  it’s only recently that I’ve tried it myself. I always use L’eau Par Kenzo as my go to scent since I don’t want overly fragrant scents that stings your nose :p Actually,  the Daisy seems like a strong scent at first whiff.  But,  just wait for it to settle on your skin for a few seconds and you’ll have a very feminine scent. Quite as feminine as it’s bottle if I may say :) I use this scent when I’m feeling fun and girly :p This scent would probably last you for a good 8-10 hours.  It won’t completely fade after since it would still have a faint smell on the spots where you directly sprayed it on. :) You should try it!


Marc Jacobs Daisy Petite on the go

Marc Jacobs Daisy Petite on the go



The rain has a serious case of mood swings… I woke up today with the sun hitting my face. I smiled thinking that the rain has finally rest its case. But lo and behold, the rain has surged its rage once again.. Now, water is even higher in some areas and roads are still impassable. :(

I want to go out there and help. But, I am still unable to because of the surrounding flood in my area. So, i looked for ways on how to help while I prepare stuff that I can hopefully bring to relief centers tomorrow morning… I will keep updating this entry for every new information I find..

Here’s what I found:

Who to contact?

emergency numbers

emergency numbers

Maximize Twitter

Make use of your twitter accounts to help MMDA and the Philippine Red Cross for rescue requests, relief operations, and flood reports


Use the emergency texting services


If you can’t go out… here are ways you can donate!

Red Cross has enabled a lot of ways for us to donate

thru LBC

Thru LBC

thru Multiply

Thru Multiply

thru SMS and Gcash

Thru SMS and Gcash

Relief Centers and places where you can volunteer

Other means of donation:

Who to follow? @MMDA@philredcross

Other Sources:

Google Crisis Response

List of Evacuation and Relief Centers in Manila

Get all twitter updates in one place

Map of Donation centers


Hold on Philippines.. We will get through this!

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